The Louisiana Legal Ethics Firm provides legal representation and expert consulting services in the areas of legal ethics, lawyer discipline, judicial discipline, governmental ethics, and federal criminal law.

The firm’s practice includes handling disciplinary matters before the Louisiana Supreme Court, the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, and the Louisiana Judiciary Commission. In addition, it represents lawyers and their clients legal malpractice cases, lawyer disqualification matters, and legal fee disputes. The firm also consults and provides expert witness services in the fields of legal ethics, legal fees, and the standards of care and conduct governing lawyers.

The firm has offices in New Orleans and Lafayette and practices throught the State of Louisiana.


Dane S. Ciolino
Mobile: (504) 975-3263
Bio: Dane S. Ciolino Bio

Clare S. Roubion
Mobile: (337) 258-0101


The firm’s blog is here: Louisiana Legal Ethics Blog.